SSH / CLI tools don't work anymore


Just updated the CLI tools as recommended directly in the terminal.
Now I can’t use it anymore, either symfony or ssh commands, it stays stuck at Download additional CLI tools... ◒ and does not react

Got this note :

INFO  A new Symfony CLI version is available (5.4.21, currently running 5.4.13).

       If you installed the Symfony CLI via a package manager, updates are going to be automatic.
       If not, upgrade by downloading the new version at
       And replace the current binary (symfony) by the new one.

But i’m not sure how to proceed exactly ? Where to put the new binary ? I’m on Mac OS 10.13.6
Also not sure this minor version change is the cause of my problem

Thanks in advance for your help

Ok i got it finally fixed,
I was using the symfony-cli version which was installed via homebrew

So brew upgrade symfony-cli did the job !

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@webmix thanks a lot for taking a moment to share your solution!