Reverse Proxy rules in router

Is it possible to make Reverse Proxy rules in the routes.
I would like to Reverse Proxy to a legacy application for some parts which cannot be migrates easily to platform sh

As far as I saw I can only add “redirect” rules.
In the Netlify documentation I found that there you can configure something that they call “rewrite” rules:
This is exactly the thing that I imagine having in platform sh

For other purposes it would be great to have Reverse Proxy rules which can proxy to a WebSocket endpoint:

At this time the router only supports redirects. You can do rewrites o the application container in See:

That cannot forward to an external server directly, however.

Another option would be to use a Varnish service, which you can configure to do whatever kind of request fiddling you want:

Assuming your legacy application is on a 3rd party host, I think Varnish is probably your best option at the moment.

If your project is a multi-app setup with new and old applications both present in separate applications, you can do path-based routing to map some requests to the old app container and some to the new app container. See: