Post activities to a Slack room

Here’s a simple script to post activities to Slack. You’ll need to create a SLACK_URL project variable, which you set to the value Slack gives you when setting up an integration on their end.

You can customize the message format by changing the body variable. See Slack’s documentation for the various options there.

It doesn’t filter the type of activity or the environment. You can do that when configuring the script on directly.

 * Sends a color-coded formatted message to Slack.
 * You must first configure a variable named "SLACK_URL".
 * That is the group and channel to which the message will be sent.
 * To control what events it will run on, use the --events switch in
 * the CLI.
 * @param {string} title
 *   The title of the message block to send.
 * @param {string} message
 *   The message body to send.
function sendSlackMessage(title, message) {

    console.log((new Date).getDay());

    if ((new Date).getDay() === 5) {
        message += "\r\nOn a Friday! :calendar:";

    var color = activity.result === 'success'
        ? '#66c000'
        : '#ff0000';

    var body = {
        'attachments': [{
            "title": title,
            "text": message,
            "color": color,

    var url = variables()['SLACK_URL'];

    if (!url) {
        throw new Error('You must define a SLACK_URL project variable.');

    var resp = fetch(url,{
        method: 'POST',
        headers: {
            'Content-Type': 'application/json',
        body: JSON.stringify(body),

    if (!resp.ok) {
        console.log("Sending slack message failed: " + resp.body.text());

function variables() {
    var vars = {};
    activity.payload.deployment.variables.forEach(function(variable) {
        vars[] = variable.value;

    return vars;

sendSlackMessage(activity.text, activity.log);