Is it possible to set a password on a MariaDB/MySQL service?

I have an application that throws an error if I don’t give it a password for a MySQL endpoint, but the default configuration for MySQL on has an empty string in the password field of the relationships variable. How can I manually add a password to this service?

Although it is not possible to manually set a password for a MySQL or MariaDB service, it is possible to cause to provide a generated password for the database endpoint. If you follow the instructions for defining multiple databases, but you only define a single endpoint, that non-default endpoint will still include a generated password.

For example:

    type: "mariadb:10.4"
    disk: 512
          - maindb
                default_schema: maindb
                    maindb: admin

In the above example, a database is manually defined almost identically to the default configuration block, but it will expose a generated password in the $PLATFORM_RELATIONSHIPS environment variable. To use these credentials in your application, you might want to use one of our configuration reader libraries.