Is it possible to kill a build or deploy?

Sometimes I push a commit and the build/deploy either takes a very long time, or it becomes permanently stuck. Am I able to do something to kill the process?


If a build or deployment is running longer than expected, it may be caused by one of the following:

  1. The build is blocked by something in your build hook
  2. The deployment is blocked by a long running process in your deploy hook.
  3. The deployment is blocked by a long running cron job in the environment.
  4. The deployment is blocked by a long running cron job in the parent environment.

Access the environment’s logs

First, determine if the build has completed and is attempting to deploy. Access the environment’s build logs with the CLI:

$ platform logs <project ID>

Alternatively, you can click on the Pending status icon on the Web UI to check its status.

There should be a line similar to

Re-deploying environment w6ikvtghgyuty-drupal8-b3dsina.

If that message is not visible, the project is most likely in a state of a blocked build, and it will be required to create a support ticket to have the build killed.

Kill a stuck deployment

If the above message is visible, the project is in a stuck deployment.

SSH into the environment.

$ platform ssh

The long-running cron jobs on the environment can be found with the command

$ ps afx

and once the long-running process has been identified (<PID>), it can be killed with the command

$ kill <PID>

You can find additional information about stuck builds and deployments in the public documentation.


Interesting thanks. But if services are not accessible (ssh connection impossible) and deployment is still stuck, how to fix it?

I would like to add that to be able to access SSH 1st step was to do:

platform ssh

After that I followed the instructions and I was able to stop it

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Updated the answer. Thanks!

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You can vote for Cancel Source Operations over at This will include cancellable builds/deployments.