How to modify my project plan and its resources


Change a plan/and or modify project settings such as environments, storage, and users.


  • Owner status on the project to be changed


Requirements change and modifications to your current plan sometimes need to be implemented.


1. Edit a Project

Login to your account to view the accessible projects.

For the projects that you are the Account Owner for, you will see three vertical dots. Click those dots to pull up a drop-down menu and select edit to modify that project’s configuration.


2. Upgrade the plan size

From the drop down menu, modify the Project’s current plan size. Changing the plan here will make visible changes to:

  • what is included within the plan
  • the cost of the plan.


When finished, click the Update Plan button on the bottom of the page.

Note: Production-sized subscriptions cannot be downgraded to a Development plan due to potential feature conflicts. If looking to downgrade a plan, please file a support ticket.

3. Modify number of environments

To modify the number of environments, you can click on the drop down menu and select the number of environments you wish to add.
Note: You can increase and decrease the number of environments yourself.


4. Modify storage sizing

To modify the storage sizing, you can click on the drop down menu and select additional storage you would like to add (in GB).
Note: You can only increase the storage sizing here. If you wish to decrease the amount of storage used, please file a support ticket.


5. Number of Users

This page also shows the Account Owner the number of Users for the specific project in the same way. The number of users can also be modified via the CLI.


Account owner has the power to modify their plan as well as view the costs associated with the change. For further information, please check our pricing page.