How to deploy to

Hi, I am new to and having a quite hard time deploying my app.
I followed the docs and pushed my app to platform, but still I see my app status as inactive.

**Environment Inactive:**
URL unavailable
This environment does not have a URL as the status is inactive. You can update your status in general settings.

I am currently on Free Trial.
Is deploying during free trial possible?

Because I am seeing this notification on top:
Screenshot 2023-02-11 at 13-03-33 master msgDelete


Any update on this ?

Hi @learnacadman ! It’s definitely possible to deploy during a trial, the only restriction is that you won’t be able to add a domain to the production environment.

It’s hard to see what you may be running into here, but in general:

  • there are two kinds of environments: active and inactive
  • when you push code to production (main/master) it will automatically become an active environment with a generated URL
  • every branch you create through the management console off of that pushed production will also become active, inheriting production data in the process.

Looking in that message, did you come across an error where your first push to production did not work for some reason? Feel free to include a project ID here if you’d like us to take a look.


To Activate the environment, go to the Dashboard, find the inactive environment, and click on it to view its details. Look for an “Activate” or “Start” button to make the environment active. Once activated, the URL should become available, and your app will be accessible.