How to create, initialize, and delete a project from the command line


To fully manage the life cycle of sites on, including the creation of new projects, initializing from a hosted GitHub repository, and deleting projects.



You will need a public GitHub project that already has the required YAML files to work with


1. Creating projects

To create a new project, use the platform create command.


2. Initializing projects from a GitHub repository

The platform environment:init command requires both the Project ID of the newly created project and the URL of the GitHub project. Note that as of version 3.40.8 of the CLI, the environment:init command is considered beta and not listed via platform list.

platform environment:init -p <Project ID> -e main <GitHub URL>

Note that the GitHub URL is the https: URL from the browser, not the git: URL.


Open the new site in your browser with the following command:

platform url -p <Project ID>

platform url -p ov4iu6fcb35jg

Environment ID [main]:

Enter a number to open a URL





> 0


3. Deleting projects

Delete the project with the following command:

platform project:delete -p <Project ID>

You will be prompted to type the name of the project as a security confirmation, since deleting a project is irreversible.

platform project:delete -p ov4iu6fcb35jg

You are about to delete the project:

New Drupal Site (ov4iu6fcb35jg)

* This action is irreversible.

* Your site will no longer be accessible.

* All data associated with this project will be deleted, including backups.

* You will be charged at the end of the month for any remaining project costs.

Are you sure you want to delete this project? [y/N] y

Type the project title to confirm: New Drupal Site


The CLI enables full life cycle management of your sites. It is not even necessary to use Git directly when creating, initializing, and deleting sites.