How do I know the disk space used by my MongoDB relationship?

I recently received a bot e-mail titled “Critical: [Project name] - Master (master) is running out of disk space!”, with “Warning, [Project name] ([Project ID]) has less than 10% disk space available”

I tried to understand what could have grown too fast, so I used platform db:size and platform mount:size but none of them listed anything close to 90%.

So I tried to know the size of the MongoDB service, but couldn’t find the correct command.

Also, when running platform relationships I did see both database and mongodatabase, but running platform db:size -r mongodatabase failed with Relationship not found: mongodatabase / No database selected..

Using platform tunnel:open and MongoDB Compass I see “Storage size: 404.0KB”… Far from the “Total disk space: 1.04 GB / Available disk space: 68.78 MB” I read in the alert e-mail.

Can you help me with that?

Hello, how are you?
It looks like a notification issue; however, we need to investigate it deeper.
To get the whole details about this project, could you fire a ticket to us?

To fire a ticket, you can go on our documentation where we have more details:

Hi Quentin,

I’ll pick up your support ticket. But I’ll answer here for completeness.

That health email should also mention which container is out of disk space. Does it specifically show mongodb ? Please double check the container name.

Be aware that the health checks happen every x minutes, so it could be that a script caused a momentary spike in disk usage and it dropped down shortly after.