How can i change uuid based on enviroment variables in js?

how do i update/change UUID based on environments like dev and master in JavaScript instead of changing manually?

What UUID are you referring to, can you give an example?

Hi Jonas,

suppose if i want to place 3 different scripts dynamically based on the environment in JS. how do I proceed with that? is it possible without CLI?

Our builds are environment-agnostic. But you can introduce different behaviour in your application with runtime variables, e.g. check the PLATFORM_BRANCH or create your own variable (e.g. to declare a prod vs a dev environment). See for more info.

I checked the docs. some doubts i have -
So, suppose multiple variables I need to use. should I define it in or settings.plaformsh.php?
and this is the way I need to define right -

        "": 'My site rocks'
        AUTHOR: 'Juan'

and can I use any names for variables?

Since you want different values based on the environment, you would use environment variables. See

Note: This is all server side, if you need to do this client side you have to use a different approach (see here).