Connecting to MongoDB with GUI tool like Robo 3T or Mongo Compass


Im wondering how I can connect via a GUI tool like Robo 3T or Mongo Compass to have a look in the database.

Im able to tunnel into the database and use the mongo cli like so:

% platform tunnel:open
% mongo mongodb://main:main@localhost:30000/main

^ this works

% mongodump --port 30000 -u main -p main --authenticationDatabase main --db main

2020-04-26T13:02:47.152+1200    writing main.startrek to 
2020-04-26T13:02:47.302+1200    done dumping main.startrek (108 documents)

^ this also works

but if I try to connect via a GUI tool it doesn’t, I’m unsure what I’m doing wrong because the tunnel is working because I can dump the database through it, as well as query it through mongo cli, just not through a GUI tool.


Hello @miketamis , I wrote a how-to guide about how to connect Robo 3T.
Please, let me know what do you think.