Can I set a friendly/custom/vanity domain for my development branches on the grid?

I don’t like the look of the sort of link that I get with my non-master branches, and I’d like something shorter and cuter, or easier to remember for my presentations.

Can I set it to be instead?

The ability to add domains to a development environments on Grid is currently not supported, sorry.

There has been discussion of this as a feature request - “Vanity domains”, but it’s not currently possible for self-service or grid clients. For Dedicated accounts, this can be requested through your onboarding or account manager through a ticket, it may require some work if you manage your own SSL certificates.

Even if you managed your DNS to point at the outer routers, it would not be directed internally to reach your project. Only registered production domains are routed in.

You can add any number of aliases to your production instance at Settings -> Domains however.

Some people have reportedly had success with setting up their own pass-through proxy to support this sort of effect, in cases where it was wanted for firewall or VPN rules, but that is not supported by support - you are on your own if you wish to set that up.
Alternatively, you may be able to set up a simple redirect on a placeholder domain from your cute URL to the ugly one, if you just want to be able to share a short or memorable link.


Is this something that’s in the works? Or, just not going to happen anytime soon?

It looks like it’s still in the works, there has been an internal PR relating to this less that a month ago. But it appears to have been trickier than it sounds, as the existing architecture pins all the domain management as per-project attributes. Splitting that off to be able to manage domains per-branch instead is a major refactor, that breaks the API and UI as well. As a change like this cannot affect the thousands of already-running sites, activity on this needs to be very careful.
So, no, it’s not dead, but don’t hold your breath waiting for it.

Hi, just checking if there are updates about this?

For those interested, you can vote for this feature and follow it here: